Internet Safety

SQA was the first awarding body in the UK to introduce a qualification in online safety when we produced a National Unit entitled Internet Safety in 2007. The Unit quickly became popular in Scottish schools and colleges. Some schools required every pupil to undertake it early in their secondary education (typically S2). The original Unit was updated in 2012 and the current version is used within the Award in Internet Safety, which became available at the same time.

Such is the rate of change in the online world that I’ve been asked to update the contents again to reflect the contemporary threats to online users. Threats like sextortion have grown in frequency and the 2012 version doesn’t fully reflect the contemporary threat landscape.

So we are currently reviewing the Unit Specification, Assessment Support Pack and online learning material with a view to doing a minor update to each. This update will not change the qualification (or Unit) code since the changes will not effect the Statement of Standards. The current versions of the Unit Specification, ASP, SOLAR items and learning material will be replaced by the updated versions, but this will be transparent to you since nothing mandatory will change. The new versions will be available from July so that you can begin using them from August. It will ensure that you can deliver the most up-to-date contents.

Please contact Helen for more information about Internet Safety.

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