HND Cyber Security update

Following on from the creation of HNC Cyber Security last year, we’ve been working on the HND, which was announced last July. The development is nearing its completion.

The qualification structure has been agreed for some time and we’ve been busy writing the component units for the last few months. Most of these are finished now and you will start to see published versions of the units appear on the website in the next few weeks. The validation event for the qualification takes place on Friday, 3 May. We’re using most of the same people from last year’s HNC validation event. Although me and my team validate units, the validation panel is responsible for validating the group award and we’re busy preparing for this event. So, things like the qualification structure could change after validation.

We’re on schedule to have the HND available to centres from August 2019. I know that some colleges plan to run the award next year and it’s important that we deliver on time. We were slow to produce support materials for the HNC and we’re taking steps to ensure that the same thing doesn’t happen with the HND.

Please contact Helen for more information about this development.

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[…] As many of you will be aware, we are at the final stage of developing the HND Cyber Security, which will be available for delivery from August 2019. More information about this development can be found in our blog post here. […]


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