HND Cyber Security progress

This seems like a good time to update you about HND Cyber Security. This development is the second part of a three-stage development that has produced HNC Cyber Security (stage 1), is currently developing HND Cyber Security (stage 2), and will produce PDA Cyber Security (stage 3).

Since my last update, we have finalised the qualification structure, appointed unit writers and vetters, and carried out training. So, right now, we’re at the sharp end of the development, with a team of writers and vetters busy producing the component units. We’re producing a large number of new and revised units (17 in total) so it’s a big development. The output will include up-to-date units in areas such as software security, Blockchain, cryptography, data flow, wireless device security and cyber security mathematics.

The units will be published in April and the award validated in May, and available to centres from August 2019. Please contact Caitlin for more information.

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[…] been a couple of months since I last updated you about what’s happening with HND Cyber Security so this seems a good time to let you know […]


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