HND Computer Science QDT

The Qualification Development Team for HND Computer Science had its third meeting on Saturday.

The aim of the meeting was to decide how to take things forward.The first QDT meeting was held last June and since then we have made considerable progress with the revised framework. But more recently there was some disagreement about the precise nature of the revised award. More specifically, about how much computer science should be included.That resulted in a delay to the development.

We’re planning on commencing the review of the other HNs this year (HNC Computing, HND Technical Support and HND Networking) – making it more difficult to justify significant changes to HND Computer Science at this time (since it will also be reviewed as part of this “big review”).

So, we decided on a half way house. We will make changes to the optional units within the current HND Computer Science but leave the mandatory units alone. And we will restrict the changes to the options too. The changes might be more than a “tweak” but, perhaps, not much more.

We’re hoping to do this rapidly so that the revised HND Computer Science is available to centres from August this year. Contact Helen for more information.


The goal that you put in my mind is what was achieved during such a fruitful meeting as this.


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