HN developments

Now that Emma has joined the team, we are able to progress some developments that were put on hold. As previously mentioned, Helen is the Lead Officer (LO) for advanced qualifications (SCQF Levels 7-10) and Emma is the LO for non-advanced (SCQF Levels 3-6).

Helen gave me an update this afternoon on how the following developments are progressing.

  1. HNC Computer Science/HNC Data Analysis
  2. HNC/D Computer Games Development
  3. HNC/D Information Technology
  4. HNC/D Interactive Media.

Most of these developments are at the Unit writing stage so she is busy validating Units. There are a lot of new and revised Units in these developments (for example, 28 new or revised Units in Interactive Media) and Helen has the responsibility of ensuring that all of the Units come up to standard.

There are some exciting, new Units coming along such as Programming Games for Mobile Devices (SCQF Level 8) and Emerging Technology (SCQF Level 7). Please contact Helen if you would like to see draft versions of any of the Units.

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