External Verifier meeting

The External Verifier (EV) team for Computing met on Saturday morning for their annual standardisation meeting. The meeting took place on Teams.

The purpose of this meeting is to ensure that all EVs understand, and apply, the same standards when they visit centres. So, the Senior External Verifier (SEV) went over last year’s verification activity and the team discussed approaches to verification for the current session. I usually do a qualification update at the event, and this year I explained a number of on-going developments including Next Gen HN.

Due to the pandemic, most verification has become remote, and that will continue this year. The Verifiers were generally positive about remote verification, which seems to work well.

There are currently eight members of the team, and I’m looking to increase this. I’d be particularly interested if you have a background in schools or training centres. The EV job is an interesting role, giving a unique insight into what’s going on (from a quality perspective) in centres across Scotland. It’s also a vital role because it ensures that standards are the same across Scotland (and internationally).

Please contact me if you want to know more about the role or you can apply here. Don’t be put off by the formal language in the advert. Any experienced teacher, trainer or lecturer is eligible to apply.