Digital Skills Partnership’s CPD events

The Digital Skills Partnership (DSP) will be running the following events in November and December 2019:

1. Industry Current Practice on Cloud Architecture and Cloud Services:

  • take place at 1-5pm on 6/11 at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.
  • will be repeated with a different speaker at 1-5pm on 13/11 at Inoapps, 2 Fountainhall Road, Aberdeen, AB15 4DT.
  • include presentations from Pulsant (in Glasgow) and Inoapps (in Aberdeen) on current practice they are implementing in this area;
  • include presentations illustrating how our universities are teaching Cloud;
  • provide opportunities to network with industry and lecturers from other colleges and universities and
  • provide opportunities to work with others and industry on developing areas of your curriculum provision in this area.

Areas to be covered within cloud architecture:

  • the different architectures available and their pros and cons;
  • how to build a HA system and what this means;
  • what the main differences are between a local vs a distributed system;
  • how to test a distributed system;
  • how to benchmark a cloud system;
  • how to secure a cloud / distributed system and
  • how to articulate cloud concerns around safety, locality and accessibility.

Areas to be covered within cloud services: 

  • writing software for a cloud environment;
  • what it means practically to operate the software in production, using cloud services, understanding rapid provisioning, the impact of containers, load balancing and
  • the method and model for support of cloud-based solutions and where responsibility lies / deviates / blurs.

2.  An Introduction to Data Science:

  • take place on 27/11 in Glasgow. (Timings and venue to be confirmed);
  • outline what Data Science is, share delivery methods from our universities and introduce resources that could be used by lecturers;
  • include input from industry illustrating their practice in this area and outlining the skills they are looking for in data analysts;
  • include demonstrations of some of the tools that can be used by lecturers;
  • provide opportunities to network with industry, lecturers from other colleges and universities and discuss your approaches in this area of curriculum provision.

3. Ethical Hacking 1 – reconnaissance and scanning:

  • A webinar taking place at 2-4pm on 17/12. Further details will be issued shortly.

Places are limited so if you are interested in attending or would like further information please contact Lesley at or on 01506 472200.

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How to build a HA system and what this means;


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