Digital Skills Partnership Curriculum Working Group

We’ve written about the Digital Skills Partnership (DSP) many times, usually in the context of CPD for college lecturers. We also have representation on the DSP’s Curriculum Working Group (CWG), which aims to ensure that the curriculum delivers relevant and contemporary experiences that prepare learners for employment.

The group is currently working on a project that will permit college and university students to collaborate on a large (and realistic) software development assignment to give them experience of “real world” programming. Colleges and universities, across Scotland, will “pair up” and students will work in teams to carry out a large project that will mirror the demands of working in industry. A key part of the project will be to use contemporary methodologies (such as Agile) and tools (such as Github).

We’re still at the planning stage right now but things are beginning to take shape. The project will be “beta tested” this year with full roll-out next session. However, a number of Scottish colleges and universities will be involved this year including University of the West of Scotland, Robert Gordon University, City of Glasgow College and Edinburgh College.

We hope to provide certification for learners who undertake (and complete) the project. Regular readers will know that we’re in the process of reviewing HND Software Development, and the timing is ideal to ensure that the revised qualification captures the collaborative, real-world, programming skills that this project will deliver.

Please contact Katie Ballantyne for more information about this project or contact Caitlin for more information about the review of HND Software Development.

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