Development team for Data Science

We’re looking for people to serve on the Qualification Development Team (QDT) for NPA Data Science. The QDT is responsible for creating the qualification. It comprises educationalists, employers, practitioners and others with an interest in the field. Given that this is the first qualification of its kind, we will be starting with a blank piece of paper.

Most of the discussions and decision making are done online so the demands on your time are small. There are normally a couple of face-to-face meetings during a typical development. Although we don’t pay members for attending, we do pay travel and accommodation expenses. But, more importantly, it’s an opportunity to make a real contribution to data education in Scotland.

Please contact Claudia if you’re interested in serving on the team.


Jim mcmillan

Taught computing and information systems since 80s
Not a great fan of the target being tertiary data processing qualification for all. This must be a qualification not driven by further education employees.
For most pupils creative, enjoyable experience is the endgame in my opinion especially when we are in a position where when a pupil completes a course at school in this area a lot of what they have ingested is either redundant or just wrong.


[…] on from my recent announcement about the development of a new qualification in data science and the formation of the Qualification Development Team (QDT), the team met for the first time yesterday. It’s a strong team with representation from […]


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