Cyber Security Graded Unit 2 ASPs

Two Assessment Support Packs (ASPs) for this graded unit are under development and will be made available early 2020. Since HND Cyber Security is a multi-disciplinary qualification covering a wide range of topic areas, a thematic approach to course delivery was recommended in the HND Group Award Specification. The unit specification for this graded unit has been written very openly due to the same reason, therefore, we have decided to apply the same (thematic) approach to the assessment development. One or more themes (data and legislation, networking, architecture and programming, hacking, and forensics) will be used in each of the ASPs. We hope to provide more guidance to centres by exemplifying the national standards set in the unit specification using different themes.

We have also provided a face-to-face training to the subject experts prior to the assessment writing for this particular unit. It is not the normal process as a different team at SQA (Support Materials Team) manages ASP development. We try to look at different ways to help assessment writers (especially the first time writers) in an important development like this and maintain the quality of our work.

If you are interested in working with us for our qualification and assessment development, please keep an eye on our blog where we provide updates on a wide range of our development activities. Or, you can contact our team for any query.

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