Considering offering Cyber Security?

We’ve had a great deal of interest in the new Cyber Security qualifications. Not only the NPAs but also the National Unit. The most common comment is: “My school is interested in offering these awards but I’m not sure how I go about it.” So, here is an update on the current position.

Both the National Unit and the National Progression Awards are available now. These qualifications are auto-approved for all Scottish schools and colleges. The NPAs have a Group Award Specification, which includes advice about delivery and what you need to know. Each of the unit specifications provides information on the contents of the units and specific advice about delivery of the unit. There are extensive uShare resources for the NPAs to help with teaching and learning. Assessment Support Packs are currently being produced for all of the units. These will be ready in the next few weeks. The assessment of knowledge will be done using SOLAR, and this, too, will be available in the near future. SQA has no plans to produce teaching and learning material to support these awards but other agencies may do so.

Your starting point should be the FAQ, followed by the Group Award Specification, followed by the unit specifications. There is an online support group that you can join. Contact Helen for more information about the qualification; Ellen for more information about assessments; and Caroline for more information about SOLAR.


Could you give me more information about this qualification.


As a small or mid sized business, did you know you’re not only targets of cyber crime alongside larger companies but you are cyber attackers’ main target, according to the SEC?

It’s true a majority of all cyber attacks are against businesses like yours, and as a result, an estimated half of them are forced to go out of business within six months due to lack of data security. Even the Target breach of 2013 was thought to be done by penetrating a system of smaller companies Target used for heating and air conditioning services.


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