Changes to unit codes for Data Science units

One of the features of the new data science qualification is that it is hierarchical, which means that you can mix and match units across levels and still gain a group award.

Due to an administrative error, the original units were not coded correctly (the first four characters of the unit code must be the same for units in hierarchies). We’ve now recoded the units with the correct codes. Nothing has changed (apart from the codes) so in terms of teaching and assessment the units are identical. The group award code is unchanged. But you might want to re-download and re-print the units with the correct codes.

We’ve updated the Group Award Specification with the new codes so please have a look at that document to see the new codes. We’ve also updated the FAQ.

Qualification FAQ (NPA Data Science) v1.0

My apologies for this. I don’t think it will have any impact on centres shortly but I wanted to prevent any temporary confusion if you go looking for the component units.

Please contact Emma if you need any help.

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