Changes to the portfolio

The portfolio of Computing qualifications is changing. Mainstream computer science/IT awards and digital skills qualifications are being separated. Me and my team will continue to look after computer science/IT but Hilary and her team will now look after digital skills/digital literacy qualifications.

This means that “digital qualifications” are now Hilary’s responsibility. The following qualifications have been moved:

  • Award in Internet Safety
  • NPA Digital Literacy
  • NPA Social Software
  • NPA Digital Media
  • PC Passport
  • NPA Digital Passport
  • HNC/D Technologies in Business

I updated my portfolio diagram to show what remains with me. Please check this diagram so that you know who to contact for support for specific qualifications.

Hilary has been involved with digital literacy for a long time, and me and my team are developing a lot of qualifications in the areas of cyber security, AI, machine learning and data science, so it makes sense to focus on each area separately. These changes take effect immediately so please contact Hilary about digital qualifications or contact my team about computer science/IT.

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