Assessments for Computer Games

The NPA Computer Games Development and NC Computer Games Development qualifications were revised last year to update their contents and streamline their assessments. I’ve received several queries about the availability of assessments for these awards.

The Assessment Support Packs (ASPs) for the NPA are integrated assessments. We are developing one ASP for each level. So there will be a Level 4 ASP, a Level 5 ASP and a Level 6 ASP. The Level 6 ASP is available now (on SQA Secure). The Level 5 ASP is almost ready for publication and the Level 4 ASP is currently being finalised. All three ASPs will be available for the end of this month.

The ASPs for the National Certificate are at various stages of completion. None have yet been published but some are just about ready. We hope to have all of these assessments available by mid-October. Some will appear on SQA Secure in the near future. Your SQA Co-ordinator will be able to access this service if you can’t.

Please contact the Support Materials Team for more information about the assessments or contact the Computing team if you have any queries about the qualifications.

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