Quality Network Week-SVQs in Providing Financial Services

As part of SQA’s Quality Network Week we were delighted to host an online event, SVQs in Providing Financial Services, on Wednesday 6th October 2021.
The event provided an opportunity to network and share experiences and best practice. We would like to thank Gail Pincott of BPP Education Group and Elaine Barr and Alex Mackenzie of Limelight Careers for their excellent presentations.  They shared steps taken to mitigate the challenges of delivering and assessing in the current environment as a result of both Covid19 and the continuing move to remote working. Thank you also to our Senior External Verifier, Ann Jakeman for her continued support and verification update on the day. Last but certainly not least thank you to everyone who took time out of their busy schedule to come along and join us.  We hope you found the event informative and useful. The presentations can be found via the links below:

SVQ Providing Financial Services SCQF level 5 – SQA

SVQ Providing Financial Services SCQF level 6 – SQA

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