Assessment Expert Group

In my 29 June post, I mentioned that we were working with the respected education consultants, Alpha Plus, to arrange a meeting of an ‘Assessment Expert Group’ comprising of experts in assessment, and leaders in digital technology and data science in education.

The group’s insights and collective experience will help us discover the approaches we need to adopt when developing assessments for careers, and industries that themselves may not yet exist.

The group met recently, and we had a really useful discussion. Martin Hamilton from Jisc very kindly filmed a few of the discussion points which are available here in a playlist.

Martin has also given us his presentation on Slideshare.

Thanks again to everyone who participated, I’m looking forward to continuing the work!

If you would like to contribute to this debate please do so by following SQA on Twitter, using #SQAfutures or contact me directly at, on Twitter at @martynjware or through my LinkedIn.

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