Assessment Expert Group meeting, Thu 29 Jun 2017 – Summary of outcomes

In my 10 July post, I reported that the Assessment Expert Group, we had set up with AlphaPlus had met. I now want to share some of the outcomes of the day with you.

The first task the group members were asked to undertake, was to deliver a 5 minute ‘elevator pitch’ focused on what they saw as the key issue, challenge or opportunity for assessment …

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Future of Assessment – what did TEDx Glasgow delegates think?

In my 29 June post I mentioned that we had hosted a Lab at TEDx Glasgow, as part of the information gathering phase of this project.

The Lab title was ‘What does a good one look like? Recognising the skills we need to succeed’, and it generated a rich and wide-ranging discussion with some interesting ideas and comments. We have now …

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Assessment Expert Group

In my 29 June post, I mentioned that we were working with the respected education consultants, Alpha Plus, to arrange a meeting of an ‘Assessment Expert Group’ comprising of experts in assessment, and leaders in digital technology and data science in education.

The group’s insights and collective experience will help us discover the approaches we need to adopt when developing …

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