Peas Please

Peas Please: our campaign for more VEG advertising

Peas Please will very soon be launching a new campaign calling for more veg advertising, please take part! On 18th January, we will cover British high streets, schools, and other iconic venues with the veg advert that won a competition we ran last year. We are doing this because although vegetables are a critically important food for our health, only 1.2% of all UK food & drink advertising is spent on veg. The aim of this launch day is to raise awareness about the need for more positive advertising for veg. We will also unveil our plans to address this issue. Can you help us get lots of visibility and social media activity? If you can display posters in your business / workplace / neighbourhood on launch day please email Alex Ward to be added onto the info pack distribution list. And if you see our veg ad somewhere, do tweet about it using our #PeasPlease hashtag!

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