UCAS points for Awards at SCQF level 6

Good news, it was recently agreed that Awards and National Progression Awards (NPAs) at SCQF Level 6 would attract UCAS Tariff Points. The Scottish Studies Award at SCQF level 6 attracts 21 UCAS points and the Scots Language Award at SCQF level 6 attracts 14 UCAS points. Here is the link to the UCAS Tariff Tables: https://www.ucas.com/file/63536/download?token=bDNxLnRn
See …

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Wee Windaes

The National Library of Scotland has launched a major new website which aims to raise awareness of the richness and depth of the Scots language.

The Wee Windaes project was developed by the National Library of Scotland and the Scots Scriever,    Hamish MacDonald, as a showcase of the use of Scots language in many different forms including song, folk tale, …

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Braw Scots Words

Last week, The Daily Record published an article featuring their 10 most beautiful Scots words – these things are always subjective, but it’s a good selection.

This got me thinking – what’s your favourite Scots word? There are so many uniquely descriptive and wonderful words to choose from, but obviously we have to keep the blog clean so nothing naughty please!

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Changes to CfE NQs – 30th September 2016

Were you wondering how the Level 5 and Higher Scottish Studies awards will be affected by the changes announced by the CfE Management Board? Well, the simple answer is that they won’t!

However, teachers must be alert to how the Scottish Studies awards differ from other NQs in order to understand what their candidates must do to qualify for an award.

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#DaurTaeDream on Thursday 27 October

The Scottish International Storytelling Festival’s Dare to Dream campaign runs from 1 September till 30 November 2016, inviting the public to take part in a collective act of dreaming, storytelling and imagination. This is a contribution to the 2016 Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design.
A social media campaign will run for the duration of the main international festival, with a #DareToDream Day on …

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The Scots Tongue on BBC Radio Scotland

BBC Radio Scotland just started broadcasting a revised repeat of Billy Kay’s series The Scots Tongue, which comprises 6 documentaries on Scots language.

Part one was broadcast last Tuesday (16 August) at 13:00, and will be repeated on Sunday 21 August at 19:00.  Subsequent episodes will be broadcast at the same times.

You can hear parts one and two on the iPlayer here.

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Scots Language – Oor Wullie’s Bucket Trail

Hello…a’m pleased tae meet ye!
I’m the new Qualifications Officer responsible for Scots language, with the very difficult task of following the one and only Malcolm Wilson in blogging about all things Scots.

I thought I’d begin with a light hearted story – one which you may already be aware of, but worthy I felt of a post.

Sunday …

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Visiting verification

SQA has now completed this year’s round of verification for the Scottish Studies: Scotland in Focus unit. This was the first year of visiting verification and the visits went very well. There was an interesting range of projects to consider and I’m sure the centres benefitted from the face to face meeting with External Verifiers.
Thanks to all those …

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Scots Language – Staffing Update

I’m moving to a new job in SQA tomorrow; this will be my final day working with Scots Language.

It’s been a pleasure to work with the Scots Language development, and to make contact with such knowledgeable and enthusiastic teachers. I’ve got every confidence Scots teaching will go from strength to strength, and this is down to the dedication of practitioners.

SQA will appoint a new officer working with Scots Language. In …

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Understanding Standards materials – Scottish Studies Levels 3-6

The candidate evidence for SCQF Levels 3 – 6 and their related Verifier Commentaries have now been uploaded to SQA’s secure site. The link is https://secure.sqa.org.uk/secure/CFE/Understanding-Standards-Materials/Scottish_Studies These materials were used at the Understanding Standards Event on January 27th 2016.

The material will remain on SQA’s Understanding Standards web site but we shall shortly be …

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