Updated portfolio diagram

I updated the portfolio diagram to illustrate what’s currently going on in my area. You can download it here. It’s definitely worth downloading and printing if you want to keep a list of vocational Computing awards at hand.

The diagram illustrates what’s available (including recently devised/revised awards) and what’s currently being developed. We’re currently working on the following developments.

  • NPA Digital Media Basics (SCQF Level 4)
  • NPA Digital Media Editing (SCQF Level 5)
  • NPA Web Design Fundamentals (SCQF Level 5)
  • NPA Computer Games Development (SCQF Levels 4/5/6)
  • NC Computer Games Development (SCQF Levels 5/6)
  • HNC/D Technologies in Business (SCQF Levels 7/8)
  • HNC/D Cyber Security (SCQF Levels 7/8)
  • HND Computer Science (SCQF Level 8)
  • PDA Cyber Security (SCQF Levels 7/8/9).

Please note that we’re not now developing the NPA in Software Development as we originally planned.

This blog is the best source of information about how we’re progressing with each of these projects so be sure to check it regularly. Or you can contact Emma (for NPAs and NCs) or contact Helen (for HNC/Ds and PDAs) or use the team e-mail for general enquiries.

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