Revised Internet Safety Unit Spec available

As Bobby had already advised in an earlier post, the Internet Safety Unit Specification has been undergoing a review in order to add clarity and update the content to reflect some of the contemporary threats to online users, such as cyberbullying and sextortion.

I have just been advised that the revised Unit Specification for Internet Safety is now available on the SQA website. Some changes have been made to the mandatory content, but they only involve minor amendments to the wording of some Outcomes (ie Outcomes 3 and 4) and Performance Criteria. The greater part of changes has taken place in the ‘Support Notes’ section of the document, where more detail has been provided in order to add clarification, as well as new content added which brings the Unit up to date.

Although at first sight it may seem that the document has changed substantially, the changes are really quite minor and, therefore, the Unit Specification has not required recoding. The old Unit Specification will still be valid should centres wish to keep delivering it. However, we believe that the new Unit Specification is a great improvement on the previous one and would strongly encourage you to use it when delivering this Award. Moreover, the new modernised content will hugely benefit candidates, as it will enhance their awareness of online threats and, thus, prepare them better to stay safe online when carrying out daily activities.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, should you have any further queries.


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