PC Passport 2016 – Support materials

We have been receiving numerous requests from centres for learning and teaching materials for PC Passport 2016. It is a pleasure to announce that we are now in a position to develop further learning and teaching materials for this award. This development is somewhat unconventional, as our projects are normally driven by qualification development. However, the uptake for this award has stalled slightly, so this project could not be more timeous. We will be developing student workbooks, similar to those that were available for PC Passport 2007. We are aiming to develop three workbooks that will cover each of the Units across the three levels (Levels 4, 5 and 6).

Moreover, we have been trying to finalise links between PC Passport 2016 and Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exams for some time now. This project has been somewhat intermittent due to staff shortages and other (more high-profile) projects taking priority. However, the team is back to full capacity, so we can now take this forward.

The current position is that PC Passport 2016 covers a bit more than MOS (Core) and, consequently, learners would need to do an additional assessment to satisfy the evidence requirements for PC Passport. We are looking to develop a vendor-linked Assessment Support Package (ASP), covering the three units, which would be aimed at candidates following the MOS route. We will also be developing a Guidance document for centres, in order to provide information on how PC Passport could be achieved following the MOS route and vice-versa.

We have also been made aware of the need for workplace-based support materials, as the ASPs on the secure site are not always relevant to the work place environment.

To summarise, we will be developing:

  • One vendor-linked ASP to bridge the gap between PC Passport 2016 and MOS 2013 exams
  • One Guidance document for centres
  • Learning and teaching materials (ie three student workbooks)
  • One workplace ASP

Given the time of the year, we do not expect to begin this development until the end of the summer holidays. We are hoping to make these available to centres in late Autumn 2017.

I will be on annual leave until 24th July, but if you would be interested in becoming involved in this development, please do not hesitate to contact me, and I will get back to you in early August.


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