Internet Safety – formative assessments

SQA was the first awarding body in the UK to introduce a qualification in online safety when we produced a National Unit entitled Internet Safety in 2007. In April 2016, this Unit underwent a second  review (the first review was in 2012) to reflect contemporary threats to online users.

It is a pleasure to announce that we have just made available via the SQA Academy formative assessments for this Unit. The assessments are presented as four quizzes covering the different sections of the Unit. The assessments are formative and, therefore, there is no pass mark; these assessments are intended as diagnostic tools which will enable learners to self-assess and reflect on their learning. They were piloted in centres, and both practitioners and learners provided very positive feedback.

As with the new and updated learning material that SQA published in February this year, coinciding with Safer Internet Day 2017, these formative assessments are available to everyone, so there is no need to register with SQA Academy before using them.

We believe that these formative assessments will be a great addition to the delivery of this Unit – the cherry on the cake – making Internet Safety a complete package now.

If you have any queries or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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