HN Computing e-learning material

Me and Helen attended a meeting today with the SQA Academy team. We’re in the process of moving the HNC/D Computing e-learning material in-house. It’s currently available on a public URL.

The material was devised to support the 2012 frameworks and is popular with teachers and learners. At the time when it was developed, we didn’t have the capability of hosting it internally but we do now so the Academy team will begin the process of moving the material to SQA’s servers.

In the meantime, the normal URL will continue to work but once we’ve replicated it internally we will take down the current website. That’s not likely to be for a while but I’ll keep you posted.

We recently did something similar with the Internet Safety e-learning material, which we brought in-house and updated.

Please contact the Academy team if you want to know more about SQA Academy in general or this material in particular.

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