Social Enterprise in Education 2020 Awards

Social Enterprise in Education 2020 Awards – the good news is, you can join from wherever you are and at whatever time you like!

Despite the many challenges this year, we have been so impressed with the young people around the world who have continued to create positive change in their communities. We can’t celebrate in person but we still wanted to recognise the hard work and commitment of the young people and teachers we work with and help them share their wonderful stories with the world. 

Click on the Virtual Awards Room: – take your time, explore the room and make sure you sign the guest book! Please note that this works best if you open it in Google Chrome not Internet Explorer or other browsers.

Awarding 55 schools this year from all across Scotland and you can find out more about each school in the Showcase room. The Awards will be open all week and teachers, young people, parents, carers and supporters can join the room at any time during this week and interact with the pages, watch videos, ask questions to the schools involved and celebrate! The discussion boards will grow throughout the week as more young people visit the Awards, make comments, ask and answer questions.

All 55 schools each have their very own Awards room, with a personalised video from the Education Facilitator who worked with them, sending a congratulations from us and some links just for them. Here’s one example, Castlebay Primary School’s Awards room with a congratulations video in Gaelic as well as in English:

The first link to the Awards Room above ( is for all stakeholders and anyone at all can view this page. We would really appreciate it if you could help share this link far and wide so that as many people as possible can learn more about the incredible young people we work with and the positive impact they are having in their communities and beyond.

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